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video training to help you master your modular synth

Understanding modular synths is easy – once you know how they work on the inside, and understand what each module is doing to the signal flowing through it. This knowledge can be learned in just a few hours, and will cost you less than a single module.
I have created a series of online courses that will help clear away the confusion that can come with learning modular synthesizers. These cover the basic concepts of sound and voltage control, which are the key to understanding how a modular synth works. They lead you through how to create a typical “patch”, then demonstrate what different modules do and how you can use them creatively. By the end, you will have a much better idea what module to reach for and which patch connections to make to create the sounds you want.
I offer several different paths, designed for different levels and types of modular user – including you. Each is described in brief below, with a link to the page where you can read about them in more detail & enroll.

The Basic Concepts of Synthesis

When you first get into sound synthesis, it may seem like people are speaking an alien language. To help translate, I created this easy-to-understand course that demonstrates the fundamental concepts. It is designed for the beginner that is just getting into synthesis in general, and modular synthesis in particular. If you're a newbie, this is the course to watch first. 10 movies, 30 minutes, FREE

The Comprehensive Starter Course

New to modular synthesis? This “Level 1” course starts with the origins of electronic music. It will teach you the fundamentals of modular synthesis, as well as how to choose a format and initial collection of modules. After that, I demonstrate step by step the most common approaches to modular synthesis. 38 movies (nearly 4 hours) plus a breakdown of a live modular performance, $79 USD. 

Semi-Modular: Introduction to the Moog Mother-32

Starting out with a semi-modular synth as an easy first step into modulars? This course focuses on the popular Mother-32, including playing with its synthesis engine, programming its sequencer, using its patchbay, and adding external modules to expand its capabilities. 18 movies, ~2 hours, $39 USD.

Software: Introduction to Arturia Modular-V

More comfortable using a computer than hardware? After showing you how to install and use this popular emulation of the classic Moog modular synthesizer, I start with the fundamentals of synthesis that apply to both hardware and software. I then demonstrate musically useful applications for each module in this Modular-V. 31 movies, over 3 hours, $49 USD.

Eurorack Expansion: Intelligently Adding to Your Modular Synth

Have a starter system, and wondering what modules you should buy next? Are you tired wasting time and money on the wrong modules? This “Level 2” course demonstrates what each type of module will add to your sonic toolkit, including deep dives into specific modules. It is available in three different "Tiers" that normally range in price from free for the Tier 1 "taster" course to $99 USD for Tier 2 and $199 USD for Tier 3, each with a different number of modules explored.

All courses feature:

•  multiple video lessons each focused on an individual concept, making it easier to find the exact information you're after
•  clickable links to the Learning Modular Glossary for most technical terms
•  video, graphics & sound to help you connect your eyes, ears, and brain so you can get the sounds you’re after more quickly
•  buy it once, and get permanent 24/7 access – no limits or expiration dates; no subscriptions to renew

So – what are you waiting for?

Save time, money, and frustration by learning how these wonderful machines actually work on the inside. Once you have mastered the fundamental concepts and techniques, the barriers between you and your synth will melt away, and it will become your partner – rather than your adversary – when you want to create your own sounds and music.
Choose the course above that seems best suited to you, click through to its page, and get started learning how to master your modular synth. Give your imagination the tools it needs. You won’t regret investing in your own creativity.

But what if it doesn’t help me?

If you buy one of my online courses above, and after watching it decide that you did not learn anything or that it wasn’t right for you, email me using the contact form on this website, and I will refund your money. Yes, I know a few people are going to take advantage of me by watching a course and then claiming it was useless. But in my experience, the modular synthesis community is full of wonderful, creative, honest human beings. I am willing to take that risk, just to make sure you are happy.

And as a bonus…

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The main Learning Modular site also contains a lot of free information to help you on your modular journey, including an online Modular Synthesis Glossary and blog posts about essential techniques. Because after all, modular users never stop learning – myself included. Click here to return to the main site.

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