Learning Modular Synthesis Level 2.3: Eurorack Expansion – Extended Edition

See and hear how different modules can expand the sounds you create.
Do you already have a small modular or semi-modular synth and wondering what you should get next and how to get the most out of it? Are you tired wasting time and money on the wrong modules? Then this course was designed for you – particularly if you’ve already watched my Learning Modular Synthesis Level 1 or Moog Mother-32 courses. It demonstrates what each type of module will add to your sonic toolkit. In it, I:
•  show how I will be displaying audio, control voltages, and harmonic spectra as well as the color-coding for patch cables in this course
•  demonstrate what I consider to be the main utility or “glue” modules you should consider for any system, including mixers, VCAs, and more.
•  introduce you to six major categories of modules to consider when expanding your system: oscillators, filters, other sound modifiers, modulation sources, level control modules, and modular effects, plus a bonus section on multi-function modules. For each module, I demonstrate how to patch it into your system, as well as how to put it to work to create new sounds.
This course will empower you with a better idea what features to look for in a module, which ones might create the sounds you’re looking for, and how to make good use of them once they’re in your system. Virtually all of these movies are based around a small modular starter system (click here for more details), and focus on what possibilities will open up to you as a result of adding that single module to your system.
There are three different versions or "tiers" of the Eurorack Expansion course:
•  Tier 1: The Essentials – The least expensive version. It includes the Introduction and Core Concepts sections, as well as the introductory movie for each of the six module type sections.
18 lessons, nearly 1.5 hours, for free! Click here to learn more.
•  Tier 2: The Core – In addition to the Introduction, Core Concepts, and introductory movies for each of the six module types, this Tier also includes the lessons for the first three modules in each of those six sections. This course originally appeared on Lynda.com and LinkedIn Learning; the version here includes a bonus section on the Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator: the forerunner to the Make Noise Maths and other popular modules.
82 lessons, over 7.5 hours, only $92 USD! Click here to learn more.
•  Tier 3: Extended Edition – This “jumbo” version of Eurorack Expansion – nearly 200 lessons and 20 hours of videos – covers 50+ modules, and will expose you to a wide variety of synthesis approaches, tricks, and techniques you can apply to your own music.
Nearly 200 lessons and 20 hours, just $172 USD!
In all versions, I demonstrate both what that type of module can do for you in general, as well as what that specific module will add to your toolkit. Although most of these videos are on specific modules, many of the concepts are universal and can be applied to other similar modules. The main purpose is to let you know what's possible, what to look for, and to inspire to also experiment on your own.
At the bottom of the page is a list of lessons included in this version of the course; below are screen shots from some of the movies. The video at the top of this page is an overview for the Core version of the course.


“Showing the harmonics on the scope helped to make an even deeper level of comprehension here.” – RH
“Excellent Video! great presentation of some aspects of a complex module.” – DM
“Thank you Chris for these tutorials, so very well explained, just what I’ve been looking forward to.” – ST
“I love your choices in modules.” – PP
“For those of us who don't like reading manuals this is a treasure of incredible value..” – QS
“Your break down of these modules are exceptionally helpful and informative. I really appreciate your work. Keep ’em coming.” – MFTM
“I learned so much, thank you.” – RW
“This is a much, much better description than you find in most module overviews. Thank you!” – JA
“Thank you for such a great series, it is really informative and helpful.” – PM
“Great video! Presented in a very clear and concise way. Lots of inspiration now.” – AB
“Thanks for sharing these tips and insight.” – QS
“Damn teach! You just dropped a bomb of knowledge on us. Word!” – DZ
  • Eurorack Expansion: Extended Edition
  • $172 USD

    An evolving exploration of ways to extend your modular system

    Regular Price
  • nearly 200 lessons with information on over 50 modules
  • techniques that you can apply to a wide range of modules & styles
  • will help you decide how to intelligently expand your own modular system
  • free access to new module videos as they are added

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