Learning Modular Synthesis Level 2.1: Eurorack Expansion – The Essentials

An introduction to intelligently expanding your modular system.
Do you already have a small modular or semi-modular synth and wondering what you should get next and how to get the most out of it? Are you tired wasting time and money on the wrong modules? Then this course was designed for you – particularly if you’ve already watched my Learning Modular Synthesis Level 1 or Moog Mother-32 courses. It demonstrates what each type of module will add to your sonic toolkit. In it, I:
•  show how I will be displaying audio, control voltages, and harmonic spectra as well as the color-coding for patch cables in this course
•  demonstrate what I consider to be the main utility or “glue” modules you should consider for any system, including mixers, VCAs, and more...before you start adding other modules
•  introduce you to six major categories of modules to consider when expanding your system: oscillators, filters, other sound modifiers, modulation sources, level control modules, and modular effects. For each module, I demonstrate how to patch it into your system, as well as how to put it to work to create new sounds.
This course will give you with a better idea of what features to look for in a module when you consider expanding your starting system. All of these movies are based around a small modular starter system (click here for more details), and focus on what possibilities will open up to you as a result of adding a single module.
There are three different versions or "tiers" of the Eurorack Expansion course:
•  Tier 1: The Essentials – This course, which is the least expensive version. It includes the Introduction and Core Concepts sections below, as well as the introductory movie for each of the six module type sections. Each movie has closed captioning to make it easier to follow along; downloadable transcripts will be added soon.
18 lessons, nearly 1.5 hours, for free!
•  Tier 2: The Core – In addition to the Introduction, Core Concepts, and introductory movies for each of the six module types, this Tier also includes the movies for the first three modules in each of those six sections, as well as a bonus section on the Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator (forefather of Maths and similar modules).
82 lessons, over 7.5 hours, only $99 USD! Click here to learn more.
•  Tier 3: Extended Edition – This “jumbo” version of Eurorack Expansion includes nearly 200 lessons and 20 hours of movies with deep-dives into over 50 different modules.
Nearly 200 lessons and 20 hours, just $199 USD! Click here to learn more.
At the bottom of the page is a list of lessons included in this version of the course; below are screen shots from some of the movies. In all versions, I demonstrate both what that type of module can do for you in general, as well as what that specific module will add to your toolkit. Each version also contains a detailed video breakdown of one of my modular performances, to give you more ideas about how to put a wide range of modules to work.


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    Eurorack Expansion: The Essentials (Free)
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  • 17 movies + introduction; nearly 1.5 hours of content
  • covers the main utility or “glue” modules you should consider
  • introduces you to six major categories of modules
  • shows you how to immediately put these modules to work

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Chris Meyer

I fell in love with the sound and possibilities of electronic music at a young age. I took synthesis lessons as a teen in the 1970s, learning on a modular Steiner-Parker Synthasystem. A kit-based PAiA modular was my dorm room companion in college. Soon after I graduated, I got a job at Sequential Circuits, where I contributed to several instruments and created Vector Synthesis. I went on to work for Digidesign, Marion Systems (Tom Oberheim), and was the chief engineer at Roland R&D US.

I’ve always enjoyed sharing what I’ve learned. I taught synthesis at UCLA Extension, was the technical editor for Music Technology and Recording magazines, and wrote a column for Keyboard magazine. I continue today, co-writing Patch & Tweak – the new book on modular synthesis – with Kim Bjørn, and maintaining a Patreon channel for beginning to advanced users. I also regularly play modular music live under the name Alias Zone, plus jam with others.

I also have a lot of experience creating online training. Before I started Learning Modular, I recorded nearly 50 online courses on creating graphics for television and film for lynda.com (now LinkedIn Learning). I've brought this experience of how to teach a difficult, technical subject in a patient, step-by-step manner to my modular synthesis courses.